Fall Encampment – Cancelled

NOTE:  Due to low enrollment, we made the decision to cancel our Fall Encampment.  Watch for a rescheduled Birthday Party for Tajar at a Spring Event in 2012.


It’s Tajar’s Birthday which calls for a celebration! We hope you and your troop will join us for a weekend of fun and folly with your fellow Girl Scout sisters from Sonoma.
Download the flyer with additional information and registration form.

Download the Permission Slip for the Fall Encampment. (All girls must complete the permission slip).

If you have any questions about this exciting Fall Encampment, please don’t hesitate to ask. Once you register, you will receive a detailed confirmation letter with lots more information about this exciting adventure.

Sept. 30th- Oct. 2nd @ The Cove on Mt. Veeder > Sign-up fast – as this event will fill quickly – Deadline 9/13/11. The Cove is in Napa, up Trinity Rd, about a 35-45 minute drive from Sonoma.  SVSD Schools do NOT have school Friday, 9/30/11
Brownie Troops and Up! > (Daisy Troops with pre-approval if there is enough space) Juliette Scouts will need to link up with a Troop to attend – We can help match you up with a Troop if you’d like to go – come join us!
$40 per person (Girl Scouts and Adults/Leaders – Sorry, no tags allowed)

Come as a troop and participate in all of the following:

• Outdoor cooking/Fire building
• Trail Blazing/Orienteering
• Craft projects
• Songs, Games, and lots more!

tajarWHO IS TAJAR???
For those of you who did not have the pleasure of meeting Tajar at Day camp this summer, please allow me to introduce you.

Meet Tajar! Let me first help you with the pronunciation of the Tajar’s name. The Ta sounds like ta in tack. The jar sounds like jur and put them together with more emphasis on the first syllable you have Ta-jar. He would appreciate you knowing how to say his name – but I am sure any little girl who was at camp will correct you right away if you happen to say it wrong. Tajar is a mythical camp creature who loves to dance in the moonlight. His adventures are rich in fantasy and imagination. He is filled with folly and causes all sorts of mischief. He can be used to explain away bumps in the night, missing items or other situations in which the girls don’t really need the details to – they simply need to know that…Tajar must be involved!

Once upon a time there was a Tajar? Do you know what a Tajar is? Well, he is something like a tiger, something like a badger and something like a jaguar. And he is magical. If you ever see him, you will forget what he looks like. But should you see him twice, you would forget to forget what he looks like, and that would be quite fatal!

The Tajar lived somewhere near a Camp – in a Camp and around a Camp and under a Camp and over a Camp, and all the places where a Camp was, he lived except when he stayed in his Hiding Place, which was somewhere between the bottom of a tree and the top of the sky. (Excerpt from Tajar Tales by Jane Shaw Ward)

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