Troop 10141 Earns Bronze Award


Troop 10141 has earned their Bronze Award (the highest award that can be earned by a Junior Girl Scout) for their Anti-Bullying project.  Troop 10141 completed a project that involved researching, designing and distributing an anti-bullying magazine designed for kids in grades K-6th.  The girls wrote the articles, designed fun informative games and created all the artwork in the magazine. A digital copy of the magazine can be seen here:  ABCMagazine


The girls hosted a Scout Shout event on September 30th where they invited all of the Sonoma Girl Scouts to participate in Friendship and Anti-Bullying activities.  The girls in attendance took a handprint pledge against bullying and helped create a friendship chain of paper dolls.  The handprints, dolls and a hard copy of the magazine are currently on display at the Sonoma Valley Library.



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