Silver Award for Renea Serota and Sofia Serbicki

Sofia Serbicki and Renee Serota have been Girl Scouts since Second Grade. As Cadettes, they decided to do the Silver Award Project for the Sonoma Valley Library because they both love books and were aware that the Library needed help. Initially they wanted to raise funds for the Library to be open on Mondays again. They chose Clare O’Brien as their Silver Award Advisor and she told them that the Library would not be able to open Mondays again, because they are part of a county wide system that chose to close Mondays. Also the girls discovered that fund-raising is not an acceptable project for the Silver Award. So they decided to create ways for teens to use the Library more. After doing research the girls discovered that other near by Libraries had a Youth or Teen Advisory Board so they decided to create one for our local Library. They created polls, and emails and letters, finding teens who were interested. The Board is called the “Teen Leadership Council” or TLC for short. The Council meets monthly, and sometimes every other month. The Leadership Council recommends books and writes book reviews in a binder that Clare has at the Library for all teens to make  contributions of  book reviews. The TLC will send a member to the adult Library Board Meetings to hear what they are doing and to give Teen advice on books, activities and suggestions to increase teen presence at the Library. Teens who are interested in joining the TLC can get an application from Clare at the library desk.

Congratulations to Renea & Sofia!

Clare O’Brien (Librarian) with Renea Serota and Sofia Serbicki


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